4 Girls 4 Harps

4 Girls 4 Harps - the world's leading  harp quartet. Innovators and performers of high energy classical music, they showcase the harp to its greatest advantage.

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  • BBC Music Magazine, April 2018


"The rendering of the danza del corrigador from de falla's three cornered hat is alive with warmth, neat prhasings and gorgeously varied articulations.....A wonderful listen"

  • Alex Rider, United Kingdom Harp Association, March 2018


"there was never a moment where i felt the group were missing a different instrument - the range of genres and sounds they covered was incredible."

  •  Rebekah Chilvers, Lynn News, July 2017


"With some famous and fantastic classics, and some new and unusual sounds, there was something for any audience in this set....This was a programme of variety and surprises, with the superb playing by the quartet making for an exciting evening."

  • Young Festival Critics, Newbury Spring Festival, May 2016


"This is another splendid disc from 4 Girls 4 Harps....These are four talented artists, their playing is technically superb and delivered with a wide range of colours which makes the harp so attractive."

  • MusicWeb International, December 2014


" ....the group’s spot-on ensemble playing....4 Girls 4 Harps possesses a luminous sound, clean and clear like a cloudless summer day, yet they are fully able to add depth in their fortes without losing one bit of that radiance."

  • Harp Column Magazine, November 2014


"The girls radiated warmth and elegance, and the happy audience acclaimed it as one of the most delightful ever of the festival’s musical evenings."

  • The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, June 2014


"Sparklingly energetic arrangements...The '4 Girls' do the arranging themselves, with versatility and imagination...Ensemble is watertight and there's a real rhythmic élan to the playing which keeps you listening."

  • BBC Music Magazine, November 2013


"It's a warm and comforting sound, perfectly suited to the mood of the season and chilled out evenings around the fire."

  • Classic FM CD review, November 2013


"Between each sensitively layered piece the girls displayed their heartening camaraderie and musical savvy with ad-lib narration and sassy quips..... A nest of warbling nightingales, 4 Girls 4 Harps gave us a bounteous evening perfumed with delightful musical flutterings."

  • South Wales Evening Post, July 2012


"They are a great example of an ensemble that knows what it’s doing and does it very well. They are serious about the quality of their performance and the musical integrity of their arrangements...."

  • Camac Voice, January 2012


“....no gimmicks, no stunts, no fancy costumes beyond elegant evening wear – just engaging chat and rather lovely music."

  • Lichfield Gazette, July 2011


"They were among the most accomplished of guest performers, and utterly charming to work with, and their visit will long be remembered and discussed. Indeed, I can think of no aspect that could have been improved -- and how rarely can one say that"

  • Bramley and Little London Music Festival, June 2011


"Dynamic performances, a varied and innovative repertoire and four engaging personalities: A star!"

  • Newbury Today, June 2010